1. 3 More Project Management Tips for Your Construction Loan

    Previously, we introduced some simple project management tips that we also apply to every project we work on here at Granite Companies. As a risk mitigation company specializing in construction loans, we know how important it is to manage a project appropriately from start to finish in order to see it succeed. Many different project management tools allow for those involved on a project to properl…Read More

  2. 2 Project Management Tips for Your Construction Loan

    While it may not seem like a construction risk mitigation company would focus on project management techniques, the truth is much of what we do to mitigate risk heavily involves project management skills and processes. This is because project management has tried and true techniques that help keep projects within their timelines, make sure projects are completed as promised, and that the project i…Read More

  3. What is a Construction Draw Inspection?

    Working on any construction loan means following pretty specific processes, especially when working with a risk mitigation company. Large projects often require additional steps, protocols, and evaluations in order to make sure that they make it to completion. These risk mitigation services are often managed by a specialty company, like Granite Companies, and not the lender. There are many differe…Read More

  4. How Our Inspection Network Helps Mitigate Your Risk

    Risk comes in all shapes and forms when you work on a large project, including projects in the construction industry. With fluctuations in the economy, concerns about funding combined with the endless contractors to choose from, it’s easy to open up your project to risk from many different angles from beginning to end. At Granite Companies, we want to help you mitigate risk on your project, even…Read More

  5. Stop the Risk at the Start: Contractor Underwriting

    One major risk mitigation strategy that should always be considered for construction projects happens near the very beginning of any project. Making sure you choose the right and most appropriate contractors is key to making sure any project reaches completion. Working with Granite Companies through the substantial contractor underwriting process can help get a project off to the right start and s…Read More

  6. 5 Risks During Construction Projects and How to Mitigate Them

    We all know how much risk comes with working on a large construction process. Every step of the way, something could go wrong causing the whole project to fail. Part of working on large construction projects, like warehouses, residential housing developments, and office buildings, means understanding how to plan and fund a project while mitigating risk. Chose Granite Companies to help you every st…Read More

  7. Mechanic’s Liens Explained

    Part of understanding construction loans is understanding risk mitigation. For subcontractors and individuals who perform work on a home, either a new structure or a remodel, they reduce their risk by using mechanic’s liens. What is a mechanic’s lien and how does it affect your building project? A mechanic’s lien is a provision that allows subcontractors who perform work on a property to ret…Read More