Our Risk Mitigation Tools help you manage your portfolio with ease!

Reporting and Reconciliation

Our powerful reporting system will raise red flags throughout the process and be an essential part of your risk mitigation plan. Granite Companies’ custom reporting process enables us to see a problem developing well in advance.

We manage each project on a draw-by-draw basis, by providing you with the most current information, in addition to highlighting stagnant, delayed, or out-of-variance projects.

Risk Management at your fingertips:

  • Project Cost Report – Project details including line item budget amounts, change orders, funds disbursed, and % inspected complete, just to name a few.
  • Inactivity Report – Tracks projects with no draw activity within a specific number of days.
  • Maturity Report – Ensures the project is progressing in a timely fashion.
  • Out-of-Variance Report – Compares the % inspected complete against the funds disbursed.
  • Portfolio Report – A roll-up report detailing all active projects in a lender portfolio.

Our Risk Management Tools hold all parties accountable while ensuring project completion according to budget and in a timely manner.

Web Portal

Whether you need information on a previously funded draw or the status of a pending draw, Granite Companies’ real-time, draw status website will keep you informed 24/7 of the project’s progress