Qualified Contractor? Reviewing the Contractor’s qualifications combined with a Project Review may mitigate up to 60% of a lender’s risk.

The goal of Contractor Underwriting, also known as Builder Validation, is to determine if a contractor is qualified to build the project from start to finish, and deliver it free of mechanics’ liens. Granite Companies’ due diligence review analyzes several critical areas, such as financial capability, character, and qualifications for the proposed scope of work. By working with Granite Companies, you can reduce the loan, contractor, and contract risk.

Our Contractor Underwriting services includes:

  • Credit and Criminal Background Review
  • Subcontractor, Supplier, and Client Reference Checks
  • Confirm and Track Insurances
  • Confirm and Track Licenses
  • Qualifications and Experience Review
  • Financial Analysis

Throughout the project’s life-cycle, we monitor the expiration of the contractor’s licenses, along with liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage.