inspection-1Risk comes in all shapes and forms when you work on a large project, including projects in the construction industry. With fluctuations in the economy, concerns about funding combined with the endless contractors to choose from, it’s easy to open up your project to risk from many different angles from beginning to end. At Granite Companies, we want to help you mitigate risk on your project, even potentially eliminate it.

For active projects, one considerable area of risk is inconsistency among construction inspectors. Working with inspection agencies or independent inspectors can provide varying results in terms of a quality inspection.

Granite Construction Inspections, a subsidy of Granite Companies, is our network of certified inspectors that stretches all over the nation. Our inspectors will be your “eyes and ears” for your project, making sure that the project is carried out according to plans. Inspections can be completed to be sure that contractors are following the plans, timeline, and contracts before the release of payment to them.

We employ only the most qualified inspectors that are seasoned and been trained to similar standards, making sure that when you work with Granite Construction Inspections, you receive timely and thorough inspections every time on every project.

Each inspection guarantees a 48-hour turnaround time and consistency in how you will receive the report. You will have easy access to all your inspection reports through our online portal, and each report comes detailed with the site report, budget report, and comprehensive images.  

Contact Granite Companies today to learn more about how our inspection process can help to mitigate risk on your construction project!