cta1Being a contractor working on a project backed by a construction loan can have some great benefits; there can also be some difficult struggles along the way as well depending how your employer chooses to manage their project and funds. Working on projects that are managed by Granite Companies can help to reduce the risk to contractors as well as lenders. Consider the following benefits to working with Granite Companies on your construction projects.

Prompt Turn Around

We know how important it is for a prompt turnaround in inspections, draw requests, and the release of funds, in order to keep a project on schedule. Being able to keep the project moving and pay subcontractors and suppliers is an important part of being the main contractor on a project. Employees can’t get paid if funds aren’t released. At Granite Companies, we work hard to insure the quality of the project for the construction loan holder, but also to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible for all contractors involved.

Clear Communication

One of the hardest aspects to working on any project is having clear communication. When you need to take care of the next step of the project, you need to be able to reach out to someone and have access to the construction loan. At Granite Companies, we pride ourselves on providing clear communication to the contractors we work with and make it easy for you to get a hold of a customer service representative. We also focus on making sure any issues that come up are promptly resolved so that projects can continue on schedule.

Here at Granite Companies, we care about the quality of service our contractors receive and want you to benefit from working with us as well.